Vimond workshop:

Become a Docker fan (you too)!

Tired of installing billions of software on your laptop to complete your school project? Want to learn how Google packages its applications? Do you want to win so much that you will be tired of winning? Or you simply want to look like a big nerd during your next date? Search no more, we got your back!

With our incredible Docker tutorial, you will learn how to build containerized applications that run on every platform regardless of its environment. Docker has probably been one of the most disrupting technologies in the past years thanks to the many advantages it offers in terms of deployment, software manageability, resource usage and scalability. If you can watch hours of “Funny cats video” seamlessly and without any disruptions or delays, do not thank Youtube, do not thank the cats themselves, – thank technologies like Docker.

In this tutorial, you will get hands-on experience with Docker. At the end you should be able to:

  • Create and manage containers
  • Build your own containers
  • Create multi-container applications
  • Be able to deploy and play with new software in seconds without polluting your laptop



You will save a lot of time if you install Docker on your laptop before the workshop. The tutorial is made for OS X and Linux. Installation instructions:

If you are using a Windows PC, we will provide you with a virtual machine on AWS. Please indicate if you will need this in the registration process.



Vimond, Nøstegaten 78, 3rd floor


Thursday 16.02.2017 kl. 17:00-19:30

We will serve pizza, soda and beer during the workshop. We invite you to stick around after the workshop to socialize and continue discussions on Docker and other cool technologies we use every day here at Vimond.



There will be a limit of 20 students for this workshop.

Vimond will prioritise students in their 4th-5th year of studies. In case of open slots after the deadline there will be room for other students who have expressed an interest.





Vimond is a six-year old Bergen-based media technology company that delivers the technology, services and knowledge that power some of the best online video streaming services in the world.  More than great products, our customers expect success by partnering with Vimond. Therefore, our employees are our greatest assets. As we continue to grow at an incredible speed, we want to get to know more students in Bergen and to give you insight into some of the cool stuff we work on every day. Maybe you will join us and impact millions of people around the globe!

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