Vimond workshop torsdag 3. november!

Vimond workshop: Streaming web pages



Welcome to a workshop hosted by Vimond Media Solutions.

During the workshop you will learn how to create a streaming web page for a new customer using some of Vimond´s tools and APIs. Those of you with an interest in front-end programming will focus on React.js, fetching and displaying data from internal and external APIs, and HTML/CSS styling tasks. Back-end developers get to create microservices using the Dropwizard framework, doing behind-the-scene magic necessary for an amazing portal.

We will start off with a few words about Vimond, and you get to enjoy a sandwich while we talk. After the workshop, you are invited to join us for a proper meal, drinks, mingling and discussions at the SUMO restaurant in Vestre Torggate.




There might be a few programs you need to download before the workshop. A list of programs and tips to interesting tutorials can be found here:



Store eller Vetle Auditorium, Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlens Gate 55, 5008 Bergen


Thursday 03.11.2016 kl. 16:15-19:00


There will be a limit of 20 students for this workshop.

Vimond will prioritise students in their 3rd-5th year of studies. In case of open slots after the deadline there will be room for 1st-2nd year students who have expressed an interest.





Vimond is a five-year old Bergen-based media technology company that delivers the technology, services and knowledge that power some of the best online video streaming services in the world.  More than great products, our customers expect success by partnering with Vimond. Therefore, our employees are our greatest assets. As we continue to grow at an incredible speed, we want to get to know more students in Bergen and to give you insight into some of the cool stuff we work on every day. Maybe you will join us and impact millions of people around the globe!

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